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mouth music workshops

As soon as we open our mouths we are making some kind of statement – a cry for help; an exclamation of joy; a snarl of anger or a song – however basic: something that is recognisable as a means of communication of some emotion. 
There are many oral traditions that have evolved beyond recognition and there are new and exciting interpretations of ancient human sounds.  
Singing helps to tone up the body, as well as the brain - it exercises the abdominal and intercostal muscles, stimulates the circulation, and makes you feel great!
Join COOPE BOYES & SIMPSON’s choir workshops and perform their SEA OF VOICES
or why not write and perform a 10 minute opera with QUICKSILVER
Other Mouth Music workshops are:
Broadstairs Mouth Music   Shooting Roots
Creative Jazz        Stacey-Jane Douglas
Find your Folk Voice   Keith Kendrick
Gospel   Black Voices
Harmonies & Rounds   Craig, Morgan & Robson
Irish Lilting  Meg Lawrie
Mouth Music  Mal Webb
Shanties  The Shanty Crew
Sing Like a Bloke   The Spookymen’s Chorale
Singing in Public  Travelling Folk
Sundance Chants  Becc Lester
Didgeridoo  Greg Hastings
Harmonica & Mouth Organ    Keith Eardley
Jews Harp Ben Paley & Tab Hunter
Stories, Poems & Words   Dave Arthur  Elvira Chant
                        Guto Dafis  Mark Lawson
          Adrian O  Simon Vogel


Plus TAPATAK – Rhythms of the World workshops including dance, drum, juggle, song and  poi! 

and don’t forget

Singalong  every lunchtime

Folk Club every afternoon

Singaround every evening

Shanties on the jetty Sunday

Penny Allen      /      Anthony John Allen

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