From: David Hooper [dave_at_kathoderaymusic_dot_com]
Sent: 06 June 2006 16:15
Subject: Music Business Radio - Episode #1

It took us one year to get all of the legal, production, and syndication issues together, but Music Business Radio is finally on the air every week.
First show is now up. Guest is Dez Dickerson, former lead guitar player for Prince as well as a songwriter/producer who has worked with artists such as Narada Michael Walden, Aretha Franklin, and Vanity 6.
We review listener demos every week, so if you're interested in that, tune in to find out how it works. :)
Get it via iTunes:
Direct feed for other programs: has more info.

Thanks for your support!

David Hooper
Kathode Ray Music

PS- Please tell all your music business friends about this show. :)

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