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Subject: FITB - some cheery news for a rainy day

Ok, hands up - who stole my Summer? There it was gently sizzling away and whoosh, someone turns the taps on! Oh well, our adopted Ducks and my complexion are happy at least.
Did you know that in a months time, one of the country's most talented yet underrated folk/acoustic guitarists, the very engaging Mr Paul Downes will be wending his way from the West to share his talents with us in the cosy Kingston Barn. Now I've told him that you lot are intelligent, supportive and discerning and know the meaning of 'proper' entertainment. The anticipation, the atmosphere, the Beer! and then the appreciation of that perfect mix of voice and strings in harmony, interspersed with amusing anecdotes and tales from the West. You can't get that on the tele! (mores the pity) Which is why a few odd people like me are determined to enable these inspirational performers to share their incredible gifts with us mere mortals. So - what are you doing on the 14th July? Well some of you may be off on your hols for which I don't blame you, especially if its somewhere less rainy! The Football will be over so theres no excuse there! Washing your hair - sorry I won't accept that old one! Tele? Pah! What do they know about entertainment! So then - no excuses left - come along to see Paul, and Canterbury's own beautiful Sarah Reed in support. It's gonna be GREAT! Obviously if you've already bought a ticket, just ignore the above heavy sales pitch!! No seriously, Paul is a lovely charismatic live performer, I'm sure you'd enjoy him. Please come and help make him feel welcome in the Barn. Ring or email me now to reserve your tickets. 01227 831493 or 07799 790 738
What else - yes a few snippets of news this time. Thanks to Tony from the FITB list who recommended a great folk radio program on Radio Wales, Celtic Heartbeat. It runs for 3 hours every Saturday night, presented by Frank Hennessy. You can listen live on the Internet, or via Listen Again. He plays a great selection of "acoustic and folk music", drawn from anywhere in the world, with perhaps a slight bias for Wales / Ireland. Even better, for most tracks he adds his own insights / background, as to the source of the song/singer. Of late he's featured the new Show of Hands album, amongst others.
Go to, and then choose "Launch BBC
Radio Player" on the right hand side, then select Radio Wales. The programs are in alphabetical order, though Celtic Heartbeat is usually the first item at the top, under "Listen Again". Then you can listen live, or use Listen again to hear it over the next 7 days. Even better the show has a Play-list, 'posted' after the show has gone out, sometimes the next day, sometimes it takes 2-3 days, but that features the current show plus past weeks' play-list (unfortunately you can only listen to the 'current' show, not the past weeks). The play-list shows artist, title, and album title. The show usually goes out at 6 to 7 pm on Saturday. Thanks to Tony for all that info.

Another great online radio station is .......... I just tuned in and discovered Cold Frontier - Show of Hands playing! - My sort of Radio! Don't be put off if you don't have broadband, they offer a dialup stream as well, obviously the quality isn't as good but its still ok. Unlike a usual prog, this is back to back music, no chat, no traffic, no ads! A great way to discover some fantastic stuff that doesn't get much of an airing in the mainstream media.
Some forthcoming local musical events that may be of interest......
Lyminge Village Hall committee are holding a Midsummer Barn Dance at Lyminge Village Hall, Lyminge on Friday 23rd June 2006 at 7.30pm. Tickets are £6.50 from Lyminge Post Office or £7.50 at the door and accompanied Primary School children are free. The band is Ian Petrie Barn Dance Band and everyone needs to bring an American Supper.
On Saturday 24th June is an African Evening at Polo Farm Littlebourne with the popular and vibrant U Zambesi. 8pm till 11.45pm Tickets are £10 from Mary Cannon on 07810 057665 and the evening is to raise money for Action Aid 2006.
Next Fibbers meeting will be Thurs 20th July and weather (and Clive) permitting it could be at Clives house!! Clive has a wonderful large garden with a stage apparently! I'll let you know.
Thanks for perservering to the end and for your continued support for FolkintheBarn.
See some of you at Abbotsbury next month, at the annual Show of Hands summer family festival. A fantastic weekend away, come and say if you see me first!
Keep Dry!!


Debs Earl

07799 790 738