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Just a quick memory jog for this Tues folks..........if you're suffering from football overload why not enjoy a night out in civilised company & listen to some superb music?  Unfortunately I can't offer a punch-up with anybody who may share a different view to you (come on England....kick two parts of $#*! out of the Germans....that's the way to enjoy yourselves! ~ er.....That's rhetorical...geddit?!) but I can offer beautiful guitaring & fine musicianship all round from Tom Doughty & The Martin Harley Band.
Tom also plays a full show at Oranges in Ashford on Monday 26th (that's tomorrow) & I'm going to try to get down there to hear that.  He will do a 45min opener at The Bottleneck.
Right....I'm off to Chichester now to Blues on the Farm, it's a great festival in a wonderful setting (the brochures were out at the last two Bottleneck gigs) & today features, amongst others, Guy Davis, Ray Bonneville, BR549 (great Bluegrass band from The States) & The David Migden Band.....if you leave by 12 noon you could get there easily....check out 
Also on this weekend is The Crawley Festival at The Hawth if you don't fancy a drive to Chichester...a fine multi genre festival organised by Tony Molloy of Crawley Blues Club.
OK see you Tues.....Our last gig before September.
The Bottleneck Blues Club
The Roffen