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Subject: FW: Geoff Achison plus the next gig.

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Subject: Geoff Achison plus the next gig.
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Well after the quickest week I've had in a long time I'm off in half an hour to drive His Geoffness to Heathrow to catch his plane home....he has to spend 36 hrs in Singapore before touching down in Melbourne in a few days time.  He sends his heartfelt thanks to all that have supported this & his many previous tours. Those that were there on Saturday (& Friday & Sunday at the two London band gigs) know what a unique experience a Souldiggers gig is....Geoff has developed his improvisational style to perfection....he gets no pleasure from churning out the same old arrangements time after time...he likes living on the edge & so do Sam, Dave & Paul....arguably one of the finest bands you could hope to hear. I for one find working with them all a privilege & an inspiration.....which is why I'm having a lot of pressure put on me not to give the up the tours entirely.  I'm thinking about maybe doing a festival band tour next year for Geoff & The Souldiggers, Geoff wants it to happen but I need to talk to Toni Weekes the very nice agent who is taking Toby, Slim & Geoff under her wing....she only wants to do solo tours so my involvement might work....we'll see.  What I can't do is the 5,000 mile three country marathon tours I used to do.  Watch this space!........Oh & you can help too......please continue to support live music....all the live arts in fact....Geoff says we are a much more "Telly" addicted nation than Oz.  We just don't get out as much as they do....I have to agree.
Right on to our last gig of this season....a wonderful mix of Roots, Blues, Folk & World Music from....
The Martin Harley Band
Tom Doughty
The Bottleneck Blues Club
The Roffen, Rochester.
Tues 27th June
8:00pm 'til 11:30pm
I just love what both these acts do....anybody that can get such a superb sound from a homemade two string bass with a pick-up screwed to a piece of 2" X 1" gets my vote!  TMHB are excellent (as you would expect) & Tom Doughty you've also seen before over at Maidstone....he plays beautiful lap-slide on a variety of guitars including his lovely Weissenborn.
You can check them both out on their sites  & 
Tables still available.
Help make this last gig (before September) a cracker.....& switch the B!**#y telly off!
01634 314602
07702 554989
PS  Tom is also playing Oranges in Ashford on Monday 26th June & Crawley festival.