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I picked Geoff up from Heathrow yesterday afternoon......he was 4 hours late thanks to Nancy (bless her!) saying to Geoff just as she was running him to Atlanta airport....."Well Geoff, everything's gone really smoothly, unless we get a tropical storm you'll be in England in no time, ha, ha, ha".  The sky was clear & hour later it was black & a tropical storm delayed his flight by over 4 hrs & he lost his connection to London via Frankfurt.  When we're on the road it is forbidden to say anything "hubrisitous"....I just made that word up..."Hubris" arrogance in the face of the Gods!  So stuff like "Excellent journey, traffic's really light" is will run into a jam within minutes of saying it.  "The amp (car, guitar, anything) is working great isn't it?" will mean an instant equipment failure.........honest, it happens every time....Nancy you should have known better but we all forgive you!!
Geoff does a BBC Radio Kent interview this afternoon at 2:45pm & then we're off to Sevenoaks tonight for his first gig (details on-site ).
Saturday 17th at your very own Bottleneck gig is stuffed.....I will try not to turn anybody away but unless you booked a month ago it's unlikely I'll be able to sit you down but I'll do my best.
Please turn up with the numbers booked in your party as it's now too late for me to fill these places....I'm on the road with Geoff anyway so may not pick up your emails & calls & I've turned people away already who will only come if I can guarantee them a seat.
It's going to be a fantastic gig.
Other opportunities to see Geoff, either solo or with The Souldiggers are at Jack Beard's nr Tooting (Friday), Kilburn High Road (Sunday), Oranges (Ashford) Monday & at the Doug Revell Memorial Concert at Dorton House School, Sevenoaks's all on The Bottleneck site or Geoff's.
Okeydoke.....that's it, see you at a gig.
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