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What a great gig last Tues at The Roffen........Paul Lamb & The King Snakes were superb, not only are they wonderful musicians but they work really hard on their show to make it both entertaining & varied. Thanks so much to the many walk-ins on the night was looking pretty grim on paper with barely 50 booked so I drew another £200 out of my overdraft to ensure I could pay the guys but we nudged 90 in the audience so I could put it back the next know the score of that England/Hungary match?  No?  Good 'cause I don't give a toss!
Well despite the hysteria of the World Cup Sat 17th June with Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers looks to be as sold out as we've been in recent years...Nancy in Atlanta (Geoff's USA manager) emailed me to say his US tour was the best yet...he sold out of all his CDs in the first week so has had to ship more in from OZ....I have a quantity of his latest release "Little Big Man" which has a lovely jazzy edge to many of the songs & these will be available during his UK tour.  The schedule is on-site & includes a mix of solo & band gigs.
I have many people booked in for the 17th from all over England (Evesham, Farnham, Warrington, Kirkby-in-Ashfield & of course London & the SE) & have tried to help with B&B arrangements for them....hope you've sorted that guys & nice to see you all after so long & I know Geoff is looking forward to saying Hi too....My usual plea however...I already have several people who won't come along unless I can guarantee them a seat...ALL seats & tables have now gone so I only have standing room (I'm having to get extra seats in for this gig) please, PLEASE...if you've booked either let me know you can't make it OR show up with the number booked. I don't take deposits (like Pizza Express, The Hazlett or The Jazz Café) so every no-show is a loss & also deprives someone else of a seat.
Thanks to Richard Carney for forwarding the latest regulations from the Dept. of Transport....apparently if you are caught driving badly, acting in an anti-social way, swearing in public & wearing trainers & a hoody you now have to show an identifier on your car....this is a white flag with a red cross....if you are a total dick-head you must fly two of these.  I was wondering what that was all about.
OK I look forward to seeing you all on the 17th (or at one of the other gigs Geoff is doing...he also plays Sevenoaks, Ashford, Tooting & Kilburn High Road)....I'm chief amp. humper & sound engineer....lots of info on my site or Geoff's....stay cool & stay happy.
Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers
Memphis Blues Challenge Award '95.  Gibson Guitars Endorsee...& much more.
Tues 17th June
The Bottleneck Blues Club
Zaffa, Week Street, Maidstone.
8:00pm 'til Late
PS...There's a map on the Bottleneck site for those who've never been to the club...easiest parking is by the Civic Hall or Prison (it's OK most of the villains are the other side of the wall!)'s a short walk from there.
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