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Only just found out folks.......Ciaran is having the kitchen renovated at's closed so NO food at Zaffa tonight.  However, as you may know he also has the rather nice bar....Mu Mu.....right next door where good food is available...some of you turn up early & eat in the Restaurant so you can still do that next door.  Other options are the good Thai only two doors away or Sal Monella's just up the road.
Sorry about this....the bar will have extra staff however & you can still have a very nice drinkypoos.
Geoff is playing a storm....we are in for one hell of a's easy to forget just how good Geoff & The Souldiggers are & last night in Tooting they knocked everybody's socks off.
Two last opportunities after band gig....The Good Ship, Kilburn High Road NW6 (after the bloody football!) 020 7372 2544......this gig is run by Dave Clarke & there'll be a whole bunch of other great London musos there plus The Souldiggers.  And Monday night is Oranges in Ashford (solo) 01233 621004 under the all seeing eye of the splendid Stuart....owner, raconteur, artist, all round good chap & purveyor of fine Malt!
Bye for now...........John.
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