From: Richard GILLITT [richard_at_gillitt_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 12 June 2006 23:43
Cc: Doug Hudson
Subject: Geyers
Hi Beau,
Good to talk to you earlier and thanks for your time.
Please find attached further information on the Geyers, unique and hugely talented renaissance and medieval minstrels from Stuttgart. They have been together since the late 1980's and have recorded many albums both acoustic and historock, also they are one of Ritchie Blackmore's biggest inspirations and have been the opening slot to Ritchie's band Blackmore's Night for the last 10 years. They are becoming increasingly well known in the UK having played shows in England and Wales every year since 2001 with appearances in national music press and a session on Radio Nottingham just some of the highlights. Among their rapidly growing following is folk legend Dave Pegg from Fairport Convention who was blown away by the band at Rochester.
As promised please find link to the Geyers website both the official German site and the UK site maintained by me & my other half. As disc the band will be in the UK in October and I am currently working on their itinerary and am hopeful of being able to capitalise on their highly successful appearances at The Sweeps with more dates in and around Rochester, to go with the two dates already confirmed in Cornwall.          (English site)                  (Official German site - in English)  
If you could forward this mail on to interested parties or offer any suggestions for gigs or better still a booking it would be hugely appreciated.
Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Richard Gillitt