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Subject: Kent goes to Washington

Hi all,

Today I attended the Seminar called by KCC and the Smithsonian to find out more about their plans for 2007. It looks certain that the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2007 in Washington DC will include a strong contingent of businesses and arts from Kent. KCC are committed to putting in $400,000 and the Smithsonian will put up over $1,500,000. There will also be other sponsorship and commitments. This funding is for the whole festival which will include businesses and arts from several other countries, US States, Wales, Ireland, etc. not just Kent. The idea from KCC's point of view is to promote Kent in economic and tourism terms through what is effectively a giant expo style event and an arts festival rolled into one. The Festival has been running successfully for over 30 years or there about. It will include all forms of performing arts, dance, music, etc. not just folk so let us hope with the Smithsonian influence folk gets a good look in. It looks very exiting so I have registered an interest and will keep you informed when I hear more.
Check out the Smithsonian website at


Alan has offered to coordinate the Kentish Folk response to this initiative.

From: Leila Maggs
Subject: FW: SEFAN:2005-11-03:02: 'Kent goes to Washington' - KentFolk
Dear Dr Webber,

I am replying on behalf of Rebecca Casson to answer your questions regarding the Smithsonian Festival in 2007.

The Festival runs for ten days - normally the last weekend in June and the first in July which covers the July 4th holiday. It is the largest annual cultural event in the U.S. capital and receives considerable publicity, typically reaching 40 million readers and viewers through print and electronic media. England has never featured in the Festival, neither has a county, and this is a unique opportunity for Kent. For more information visit

The Smithsonian are particularly interested in people who currently practice traditional crafts and trades or produce Kentish items. Some individual places at the festival will be fully funded, with honorariums paid, but we are also seeking partners from organisations that may wish to promote themselves on an international stage.

The Smithsonian usually produce a cd for each festival on their folkways label - see for more information.

The theme for our part of the festival has yet to be confirmed. However, the Curator has expressed an interest in the following areas: Music related to calendar customs and activities (Boxing Day, May Day), "Folk Music", Hopping songs and pub songs. However, at this point no program is fixed and all enquiries are very exploratory.

I hope that has answered your questions - if you have any more please feel free to contact me.
Many thanks


If you go to you will find thousands of folk tracks - you can listen to brief snippets, and then if you like the tracks, download them for 99c each.
Suggestions to me beau_at_kentfolk_dot_com for tracks from Kentish (or other) music that satisfy the above request, and for musicians that deserve mentioning (my first suggestion is Ken Latham and his new double CD)