From: Amanda Peters [fiddleinthesky_at_hotmail_dot_com]
Sent: 24 May 2006 21:45
Subject: Stonehenge2006 The Summer Solstice Celebration

The odyssey continues - a unique collaborative effort between the
community and English Heritage brings us another government approved
opportunity to celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge as many of our ancestors may have for thousands of years. Apart from the human sacrifices that is! ;-)

The car park opens Tuesday evening 2oth June at 8pm. The stones will
open at 10pm until 9am (no entry after 6am). The car park closes at

Sunrise will occur at 04.58 on Wed 21st June 2006

There will be a special bus service from Salisbury railway station
for around 7 round trip. Buses are every half hour from 20:30pm
until 01:15am to Stonehenge and return every twenty minutes or
sooner from 05:15am until 06:15am, then every half hour until
09:45am - Transport from the car park will be provided for disabled

WARM CLOTHING and rain wear is essential, blankets are allowed in
but NOT quilts and sleeping bags. No Naked flames or glass bottles
are allowed inside the stones however incense sticks and small cone
incense are ok

Must Read information with active links, about public transport,
local accommodation, campsites, conditions of entry etc can be found

Information Hotline on 0870 333 1186.

Acoustic music is encouraged, amplified music is not allowed, so
bring your drums, bells, whistles and guitars etc.

There will be Recycling points and we will be given a clear rubbish
bag. The contents of these clear bags will then be sorted so that
as much of the rubbish can be recycled as possible, you are invited
to participate in making this initiative a success

Wholesome vegetarian food will be available from government approved food stands.

This celebration is a product of all of us, the synergy, the magic
that we create when each one of us is everything that we can be. We
are encouraged to use the areas around the outside of the stones for
workshops, "talks", chanting, games, music, theatre dance etc,

"Bring what you would like to see"

There will be The Sacred Soapbox - a spoken word area where YOU can
have your say, share your poetry and songs. Also two braziers where
impromptu events can take place Be colourful, dress up bring banners
always be mindful of health and safety realities any questions in
this area should be addressed with english heritage in advance.

By embracing the optimum possibility for this Stonehenge event, we
will increase the likelihood of it being successful, adding one more
grain of sand to the scales that hold the balance for our global
future - Remember at a critical point, one grain of sand can tip the
scales one way or the other- your input right now may be that grain
of sand.

For more background info, history and links for The Stonehenge
Solstice Celebration. Goto:

For info about the UK summer festival season check out:

Your involvement in "The Stonehenge Peace Process" is invited

viziondanz_at__dot__dot__dot_ for more details

And join:

You can see the BBC documentary "Stonehenge Round Table" The final
episode of the BAFTA award winning 2004 BBC National Trust series, a
revealing glimpse behind the scenes on the relationships that plan
and execute the Summer Solstice gathering _at_ Stonehenge (32,000 that
year). _at_See


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