From: Trevor garrard [trevor_at_garrard_dot_me_dot_uk]
Sent: 03 May 2006 20:31
Subject: K-City Radio
Hi there,
Please can you place the following gig information on your site. Many thanks,
Trevor Garrard
K-City Radio presents
Saturday 6th May 2006
Gulbenkian Theatre Canterbury
 Nick Harper is a highly accomplished guitarist / singer / songwriter to whom the term virtuoso truly belongs. As well as a distinctive and soulful voice, Nick is a rare kind of artist - one who reaffirms faith in the art of original songwriting and performance.

While his songs can be intense and emotionally charged, Nick has developed a reputation for creating great audience rapport and in concert he is both spontaneous and enthralling.

And for those who ask the inevitable question... Yes, Nick is the son of legendary folk artiste Roy Harper and has enjoyed many concert and album collaborations. Nick’s third album, 'Harperspace', was released to great critical acclaim - passionate, energetic and positively inspired. This is the album that confirmed his position at the forefront of a new generation of British acoustic performers.

He is one of the select few artists working in the UK who are simultaneously steeped in tradition and yet completely contemporary.