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Subject: FW: Tues 30th ~ The Roffen

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Subject: Tues 30th ~ The Roffen
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Firstly thanks to the many who have kindly emailed Maidstone Borough Council regarding the potential conflict with us & the new development.  I didn't realise just how many people are touched by The Bottleneck.....nearly as many from 100s of miles away were as concerned as those from the immediate area.  Still need as many as possible to express their support so keep 'em coming!
And keep 'em coming ~ the table bookings that is ~ for our next gig on Tues 30th May.
Paul Lamb & The King Snakes
The Roffen, Rochester.
8:00pm 'til Late.
Still a bit light on the ground for this one.
I don't know what it is but loads of friends & colleagues are reporting awful attendances at live gigs right now.
Most blame football, too many Bank Holidays....thank goodness the Eurovision Song Contest was on last week & not this coming Tues or I'd be b*****ed....Now there's food for thought...I couldn't bring myself to watch it as I'd seen the odd (very odd!) snippet on the news but imagine a World full only of EURO Blues, Jazz, Folk, Roots etc. just commercial rubbish & that's what it is....rubbish...please don't let it happen, it only needs good men to do nothing for
pop-tosh to prevail!!!
Have a good weekend....keep a brolly handy...hope to see you Tues night.
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