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Subject: Wotson - Musicians In Viking Ship Cross Channel Row - Cancelled
Viking Ship Cross Channel Row - Cancelled
The organisers have taken the decision to cancel the cross-channel row because there are problems with the insurance for the boat - in that it's not insured for the open seas!
Turks' insurers have already taken two weeks looking into it and still haven't come back to the organisers or finalised details with the cross-channel people and as such, the extent of the insurance liability is unknown. As the adventure was a charity effort no-one is prepared to risk any further potential costs.
"So sorry it's all off, but what the heck, at least we won't all drown now!.We will have to go back to raiding and pillageing London on the annual Great River Race  - or is that too much of an anticlimax?

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3rd June

Wagon At Hale (179 Capstone Road Chatham Kent Me5 7pp ) The XesRock Jam Band Cancelled

Interesting article.

Hawkinge relief road needs a major re-think



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