From: SEFAN [admin_at_sefan_dot_org_dot_uk]
Sent: 18 May 2006 19:12
Subject: SEFAN:2006-05-18:04: Newsletter II. Call for submissions.

Dear Network Folk

Hope you enjoyed the first of the SEFAN newsletters.

Now is the time for SEFAN Central to get thinking about the next issue (Summer)
to get it together for the Summer festivals.

We're intending to use the same format - unless we get masses of stuff in - in which
case we can print on A3 to fold to A4!

We're looking for a "rooting around the region" piece like the fab. report we got in 
from Gail Duff about the work of TRADS  .... 

Did YOU have a project / Festival / Event worth talking about, at 700 words absolute max.??
(shorter is good - we can use a bigger font size!) and if you have  picture/s - that
would be a real bonus.

News items at around 200-300 words are very welcome as well - we'll get more spread and
variety out there that way.

Snippets - also VERY good! Little updates on ...

~ what you got funding for

~ how the project went if it's finished

~ what, where and when if it's yet to start.

~ what happened on May Day and St.George's Day around the region

~ Upcoming stuff for the late Summer/Autumn ... particularly participatory 
sessions/dances/workshops, classes and courses.

~ comments from punters  (especially overheard amusing ones!)

~ what you find good about being part of the SEFAN network

~ anything that SEFAN has done that has directly helped you

~ what collaborations, contacts you've made by being part of this Network.

and pictures - please, please - give me images! 

Pictures are very important at the mo'  - as we also have to get the new flyer finished and I'm still lacking good
quality images. ( 300dpi jpgs )


Advertising  ???

If anyone might be interested in putting a straight advert in these newsletters let me know and I'll talk to the Board about it, and 
get them to set a very reasonable rate for Network Folk.


and lastly, are there any suggestions you'd like to make, is there anything you particularly want included ???

all the best

luv 1d x

Penny Allen
General Manager  (hey - did I tell you I got a promotion!)

Penny Allen      /      Anthony John Allen

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