KentFolk jumped onto the possibilities in Google Base and Google Local as soon as the first rumours hit the web.

KentFolk registered with Google Local as a local enterprise in Kent some time last year - yes, Google had to resort to snail-mail via the Post Office to confirm the address !

KentFolk uploaded a number of events and sessions to Google Base ....
But Google was swamped with the demand for these new features, and re-trenched to trialing the system in the USA and Australia.

Google have now emailed me to say they are restarting the system in the UK.
They are now partnering with Yel.com to access as wide a range of local business addresses in the UK as possible, and this shows in that of the 150 or so venues on the KentFolk database - the KentFolk venue Google Local listing has jumped from just half a dozen or so to over 50 - giving immediate maps, satelite photos, distances and driving directions, etc. : KentFolk Venues on Google Local Map .

The previous uploads to Google Base have expired (they only last a month) so KentFolk now will resume uploading premier events and session locations to Google Base, when any format changes have been investigated, and as time permits.