From: David Hooper [dave_at_kathoderaymusic_dot_com]
Sent: 21 April 2006 19:40
Subject: Music Business - Can You Teach Guitar/Piano?

David Hooper from Kathode Ray Music here.

When I was playing in a band, I'd sometimes make a little extra money on the side by teaching lessons. This is pretty common, so you probably know some people doing the same thing...and you may do it yourself.
The problem is, you've got to deal with scheduling, room rental, and if you're dealing with young students, parents.
There is a "new breed" of teachers who are skipping over all of this by putting their lessons on CD and DVD.
One of these guys is Jermaine Griggs. He brings in about $200.000/year selling DVDs on how to play piano.
I want you to check out right now, order his stuff, and translate it into what you're doing.
Play guitar? Perfect.

Play jazz piano? Perfect.

There is a market for what you're doing. And "teaching" via this method is definitely the way to go since you'll just send out a DVD in the mail rather than have to personally be there to teach a lesson. That means more time for your music career.
Don't know how to get started? Just look at what Jermaine is doing and model him.

I hope you do something like this and never have to deal with a crazy "stage mom" again! ;)
Have a great day!!

David Hooper
Kathode Ray Music

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