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Sent: 01 March 2006 13:08
Cc: David Barlow; Simon Dundas; Kerry Hearn; Jean Lehane; Ray Newsam; Martin Sutcliffe
Subject: Re: Kings Head, Hythe
Hi Beau,
The has now been arranged with the Botolphs Bridge Inn, Lower Wall Rd, West Hythe. First session will be Wednesday 22 March. After that they will be on the THIRD Wednesday of the month.

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Hi Nick,
thanks for the info, much appreciated - yes, please do tell me if it re-starts,

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Date: Sunday, February 19, 2006 15:51
Subject: Kings Head, Hythe

> Hi Beau,
> The mixed session at the Kings Head, Hythe on the last Tuesday
> of the month is no more. The lanadlord changed and so did the
> character of the pub, so it is planned to move it to the
> Botolphs Bridge Inn, possibly on a Wednesday. I will email you
> the details when all is confirmed.
> Regards
> Nick