From: Peter Ulrich [peter_dot_ulrich_at_virgin_dot_net]
Sent: 14 April 2006 21:46
Subject: Green Man Review
A new review just published
on influential American folk-art site
Green Man Review
confirms the importance of
Peter Ulrich's album
Enter The Mysterium
in the new wave of
mystical folk music...
"it's not often you come across such diverse sources of inspiration as 16th century dilettante John Dee ("At Mortlake" and "The Scryer and the Shewstone"), Buddhist monks ("Nothing But The Way"), Zoroastrianism ("Across The Bridge"), the True Cross (eponymously titled), Native American mysticism ("Kakatak Tamai") and witchcraft ("The Witchbottle of Suffolk") all packaged into a single work of art.  Enter the Mysterium has it all, and then some."
"Yet again, Ulrich has put together a fascinating CD that is a pleasure to listen to, on both a musical and an intellectual level."
extracts from the review:  April Gutierrez, Green Man Review, 9th April 2006
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"Pure Magic."
Tradition Magazine, 21st December 2005