From: Steve Barrett [steve_at_steveb2a2_dot_plus_dot_com]
Sent: 17 February 2006 09:30
Subject: Les Batons
A little late I am afraid but.....
REMEMBER.... it's our gathering again this Sunday 19th february, so I hope to see you there for yet another afternoon of lively music and dance.... it's what Sunday afternoons are for.
Same time, same place...1.00 - 5.00 Hollingbourne Village Hall, Nr. Maidstone.
Musicians... don't forget the practice session starting at 12.00, also in the hall. If you haven't had the music for the coming session email Paul on paul_dot_haynes_at_tiscali_dot_co_dot_uk
So, see you on Sunday...
Steve (Phil.Angi,Gary,Isabel)
01303 253717
Email:  les batons_at_steveb2a2_dot_plus_dot_com