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Sent: 20 February 2006 09:47
Subject: St Patrick's night at The Eight Bells, Tenterden

Hi all,


John and Jane, the landlord and landlady of the Eight Bells, in Tenterden High Street, have invited us to run a St. Patrick’s nights special on Friday 17th March.


I am very pleased to announce that a local, up and coming, five piece folk band, “The Buckthorn Band”, which includes Eight Bells regular Brian Quearney among its members, has agreed to be the featured band for the evening.


All musicians, singers, dancers, storytellers and poets are welcome to come along and join what will no doubt turn out to be a memorable music session.


The session will start at 8.30 p.m. in the main bar.


We will still be running our regular sing-a-round on Tuesday 14th March.


I look forward to seeing you there. 





Alan Castle

Trustee and Festival Director


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