As released at Canterbury Festival 2002

Cajunologie have a reputation such that their gig at the final night of the Canterbury Festival 2002 sold out months in advance, within days of the tickets going on sale.

Cajunologie are justifiably renowned for their great dancing rhythms, and original tunes. Bart Ramsey from New Orleans has describes Yves Langlois as perhaps the best Cajun singer/songwriter he knows - and his fiddle is quite something as well.

They are joined here on this CD by multi-instumentalist Chris Taylor, who lends an additional depth and solidity to the sound.

I believe that touiller is Breton for stir or stirred.

This, Cajunologie's third CD, was launched at the Canterbury Festival 2002 gig - get your copy here on KentFolk.
Listen to one of the tracks, 'Mardi Gras', by down-load MP3, from the icon in the track list below.


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  1. Mardi Gras 2.45 (trad) disc_aa.gif
  2. La Grosse Erreur 3.40 (I LeJeune)
  3. Jolie Blonde 3.20 (Amandie Breaux)
  4. Ey La Bas 4.30 (Corey Harris)
  5. Contredanse 2.37 (C. Fontenot)
  6. Grande Prairie 4.36 (trad.)
  7. Oaklands 2.28 (B.Wilson)
  8. Diggy Diggy Low 3.46 (D. Kershaw)
  9. Pine Grove Blues 3.30 (N. Abshire)
  10. Mme Soustaine 4.20 (J. Falcon)
  11. Hippi Taiau 4.31 (trad.)
  12. Evangeline Two Step 2.31 (trad.)

Yves Langlois - Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar (4,7 and 9).
Chris Taylor - Guitar (1,2,5,6,10,11 and 12), Harmonica, Accordian.
Trevor Stephenson - Lap Slide, Guitar (3 and 8), Drums,Washboard.
Nina Taylor - Triangle.